Letter of Necessity

As medical providers, we look to support our patient’s global wellness, including minimizing stress's deleterious effects. Financial stress that has been aggravated in our inflationary economy has further added to total stress.

Providing our patients HSA/FSA letters to help lessen the financial burden of wellness supplementation can help them use their healthcare dollars more efficiently. By easing the financial stress, we are empowering greater compliance, as using pre-tax dollars can make the sustainability of supplement protocols more affordable. Educating patients to explore the potential utilization of HSA/FSA can often save them by using pre-tax dollars. This also applies to us and our family when it comes to our wellness protocols.

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Patient Benefits:
  • Patient Health Dollars Go Further
  • Financial Compliance to Supplement Protocol is Eased
  • You have lessened patients' financial limitations in their wellness journey

Provider Benefits:
  • Differentiate your practice growth and retention of patients
  • Increased sales of supplements and services
  • Lessens barrier to accessing supplements (continuity of care)

Commonly Used Codes for NAD+ Support Supplementation:
ConditionICD-10 Code
Immune SupportD89.9
Adrenal Support/FatigueE27.9
Heart Health/Heart FailureI50.9
Blood PressureI15.9
Non-Alcoholic Fatty LiverK76.0
Elevated Liver EnzymesR94.5
Mitochondrial DysfunctionE88.40
Muscle WeaknessM62.81
Athletic/Sports SupportY93.79
Long Covid/Post CovidU09.9
Parkinson’s DiseaseG21.9
Alzheimer’s DiseaseG30.9
Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisG12.21
Male InfertilityN46.9
Female InfertilityN97.9
Vitamin DeficiencyE56.9